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G Pechet Reber
CH-2503 Biel/Bienne
liederstand ( at ) gmx . ch

Die aktuell zu buchenden Formationen G. Pechet Rebers (Seine Biographie unter biography):

The European Hiding Trio featuring Hans Poppel, Piano | G. Pechet Reber Trio | The Lestcoltayler Mitchel Duo |

The European Hiding Trio featuring Hans Poppel, Piano

Hans Poppel, p; G. Pechet Reber, d; Peter Schärli, tp/flh; Thomas Dürst, b.

Hans Poppel (piano) originally from Munich, Germany - currently lives and works in the United States. He is self taught and considers Theolonius Monk, Bud Powell and Cecil Taylor as major influences. Nothing is free. Nothing is free. Not even music is free of memories, traditions, associations. there is no such thing as "free music". There are places unheard of echoing sounds that seem to have been around for a long, long time. Anything sounds - you only have to hear it. If I look at a painting by, let's say Basquiat or de Kooning, I hear music with it. It is the fantasy of the sound that determines the means of expression and the possibilities of playing. It does not interest me to know what or how I play. My greates wish always was to sit amidst a large orchestra playing joyfully and seriously without knowing the score. I love and persue the primitive nature of mechanical tools in instruments such as the piano. Hypervirtuosity leads to imbecility. Encouraged by Igor Stravinsky's observation that "...the instrument has still other possibilities to offer than the ones limited through the fingers...", I am trying to create my music as a pianoplayer at the playerpiano. I listen to Theolonius Monk and Friedmann Bach: the lonely break with convention. My sound could well be the sound of somebody else. Nothing is free."

Peter Schärli (trumpet, fluegelhorn) began to play the trumpet at the age of 10 and has been working as a professional musician since 1978. He played with several musicians and bands, nationally and internationally, in various context and styles. Peter Schärli has performed at music and theatre festivals in Europe, India, ther former USSRl, Zimbabwe, Namibia an dBurkina Faso. At the moment he mainly works with his bands "Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris and Tom Varner" and "Don't change your hair for me". He also plays as a sideman in several groups. Schärli has often cooperated as a composer and/or trumpet player in theatres, circuses, films and radio plays. In addition, he teaches at the "Jazz Schule Luzern", where he began instructing 20 years ago. Recently he has been playing with Susanna Andres, Johannes Bauer, Christoph Baumann, Franziska Baumann, urs Blöchlinger, Daniel Bourquin, John Wolf Brennan, Oliver Clerc, Klaus Dickbauern, Christy Doran, David Gattiker, Hämi Hämmerli, Gabriele Hasler, Ruedi Häusermann, Gerry Hemmingway, Anne Hoffmann, Ben Jeger, Hans Koch, Willy Kotoun, oliver Megnenat, Rick Margitza, Macanda McIntyre, Lukas Niggli, Burhan Oeçal, Jon otis, Sandy Patton, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Roland Philipp, Hans Poppel, Stella Rambisai Chiweeshe, G. Pechet Reber, Dom Um Romanao, Martin Schütz, Co Streiff, Fredy Studer, Benoit Viredaz, Michel Wintsch, Wolfred Zierl.

Website Peter Schärli:

Thomas Dürst (bass) works as a free-lance bass player in the Swiss jazz scene. Dürst is a music teacher at the Swiss Jazz School Berne. He played on several festivals and on different tours through Switzerland,Europe and Russia. Worked with Hot Strings, Harald Haerter Project, Fisch Im Trio, Peter Schärli's Special Sextet, Free Pulse, Fred Böhler, Don't Change Your Hair For Me, Urs Blöchlinger, The European Hiding Trio.

E-Mail-Adresse Thomas Dürst:

G. Pechet Reber Trio

G. Pechet Reber, d; Hans Poppel, p; Wolfred Zierl, sax/a. cl./voice (Biographie Zierl hier)

The Lestcoltayler Mitchel Duo

G. Pechet Reber, d; Wolfred Zierl, sax/alto clarinet/voice

Wolfred Zierl (sax, alto clarinet, voice) studied classical clarinet, played baritonesax and flute in various ensembles and bands. He is co-promoter of the legendary "ARTRA Movements". You find him playing on most recordings by G. Pechet Reber or performing on stage. He is responsable for an earthy, conciliatory music, to bridge the tenseness and not reluctant to melodious sound. You can't overhear the influence of Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Lester Young, Ben Webster or Ornette Coleman. Zierl is a great composer of collective live improvisation, looking for his equal. Working with Hans Poppel, Amiri Baraka, Mat Wilhelm, Peter Schärli, Alan Silva, Heinz Grobmeier, Roland Philipp and others.



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